Hello, my name is Tristan Szucs and welcome to my website.

The short story is I am a 26 year old and am a world champion martial artist, MAT Action’s CTO, and a performer.  See below for the longer story.

Computer Science & Web Development

As mentioned I currently work as CTO of MAT Action.  I have a masters degree in computer science from my local university; there I have achieved high honors and learned many skills important to computer science.

I started taking computer science because I always enjoyed computers and learning more about them. I had taken some courses in high school and went from there. I am mostly interested in application development and web development because I enjoy creating things that others can use. I see computer science as a way that I can make something that can benefit others.

I started web development a many years ago with my own personal website that I built to help get fund raising for a karate tournament. From there I started to make more websites and expand my knowledge. I am now trying to build more websites for others which is why I have launched Szucs Studios, the face of my web developing business.

Martial Arts

I am also a world level martial artist competing on the NASKA world tour, and a proud member of the Team AKA, an elite sport martial arts team. I am a world, Canadian, and provincial champion. I am also a state champion in Michigan, USA, through the MSKC and GLKC tours.

My favorite division is the open weapons, creative or musical, however I also train and compete in traditional weapons, open forms, and traditional forms.

Martial arts history

I started my training at Brunelle Martial Arts and Sport Karate in 2004, there I earned my first degree black belt in 2010.

In 2011 I attended the WKC world championships, in Spain, while representing Team Canada. There I won gold in my creative weapons division becoming a world champion.

In 2012 I earned my second degree black belt.

In the spring of 2013, I began training at Sensei John Sharkey’s karate studio in Naperville IL, and representing Team Sharkey.

In 2014 I won Overall Men’s Weapons grand at the Dixieland Nationals, a 4A tournament on the NASKA tour, in the fall of 2014 Sensei Sharkey invited me onto Team AKA.

High Honors

  • Eastern Open Grand Champ
  • Champions Challenge Grand Champ
  • MSKC Overall Black Belt (2015)
  • NASKA 3rd place Creative Non-Bladed Weapons
  • NASKA 4th place Traditional Non-Bladed Weapons
  • NASKA Creative Forms, Traditional Forms, Musical Weapons World Top 10
  • MSKC Traditional Weapons State Champion
  • MSKC Overall Black Belt
  • NASKA Creative Forms, Traditional Forms, Musical Weapons Traditional Weapons, Creative Weapons World Top 10
  • Overall Men’s Weapons grand at the Dixieland Nationals
  • MSKC Open Forms and Traditional Weapons State Champion
  • MSKC Overall Black Belt
  • NASKA 4th place Creative Weapons
  • NASKA Creative Forms, Musical Weapons Traditional Weapons World Top 10
  • MSKC Open Forms, Open Weapons and Traditional Weapons State Champion
  • Jabari’s Karate Classic Grand Champion
  • Ontario Provincial Open Martial Arts Championships Grand Champion
  • WKC Creative Weapons World Champion
  • GLKC Weapons and Forms State Champion
  • Day of Champions Grand Champion